Hair Thickeners by SHAKE OVER

New-generation hair fibres for fuller-looking tresses

SHAKE OVER is the perfect choice if you are looking for fuller-looking hair.

The fine hair fibres provide thinning hair with instant body, density and a healthy-looking appearance. They thicken and conceal sparse areas. The innovative formula has an added positive property that nourishes the hair by stimulating cellular growth and strengthening the roots of the hair. Zinc is the key component that strengthens the hair and the scalp.

The hair fibres are available in a range of colours that deliver perfect and natural results.

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SHAKE OVER is more than just a hair thickening product. It is formulated with pharmaceutical zinc that cares for the hair and the scalp whilst providing lasting resilience. This ensures that the roots of the hair are supplied with all the essentials and hair growth is stimulated. Not only is thinning hair given more density and concealed, but it also receives strengthening care.

SHAKE OVER is also manufactured in Europe in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. It contains zero microplastic, pesticide and animal-derived ingredients.

SHAKE OVER has its finger on the pulse and adapts to the needs of consumers without compromising: SHAKE OVER has received both Vegan and PETA Vegan Global Animal Test Policy certificates, as well as having been awarded the trusted Dermatest guarantee seal "ORIGINAL dermatest excellent"

SHAKE OVER instantly thickens fine hair and fills in thinning hair at the roots.

SHAKE OVER conceals gaps caused by styling and areas where hair loss is visible.

Discover SHAKE OVER for your daily styling routine. Premium and effective quality guaranteed.

Innovative products. All the product benefits at a glance

  • Efficient, nourishing hair thickener
  • 10 natural colours without a red or green undertone; light-resistant
  • Sustainably produced, vegan and not tested on animals
  • Without cotton-infused pesticides
  • Instantly full-looking hair
  • Zinc strengthens the scalp and hair