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Promotions & Special Offers

Our current offers are listed on our website

Note: The offers and promotions displayed on our website are only valid for a limited period of time.

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Newsletter Subscription

Subscribe to or unsubscribe from our Newsletter in the "My Account" section. In order to do so, you are required to register as a customer at our shop. 

By subscribing to our Newsletter you will receive regular updates about new products, special offers, discounts, vouchers, free gifts with purchases and other exciting promotions. 

Unsubscribing from our Newsletter

To unsubscribe from our Newsletter simply go to the "My Account", click on "Edit my Account" and uncheck the Newsletter box at the very end of the page. 


Types of Vouchers

We differentiate between promotional/discount vouchers and gift certificate vouchers. 

Gift certificate vouchers can be combined with any other promotional or discount vouchers that are displayed on our website or sent to you via our Newsletter. 

Only one promotional/discount voucher can be redeemed per order. 

Please note the validity, i.e. expiry date of a promotional/discount voucher. 

Redeeming a Voucher

Vouchers can be redeemed by entering the code into the designated field provided at checkout before completing the order process. 

If the voucher code is mentioned in the "Further Comments" section, we cannot guarantee that it will be added to the order. The "Further Comments" section is thought to communicate information to our warehouse. 

Once the package is dispatched, we are unable to modify the price of an item. 

Should you experience any problems redeeming the voucher, please contact our Customer Service Team. 

Gift Certificates / Vouchers

Gift certificates (vouchers) can be redeemed at checkout by entering the code into the designated field. The voucher value is then automatically deducted from the grand total. 

If the voucher value does not cover the cost of an order, the outstanding sum can be settled using a different payment method. Alternately, if the voucher value exceeds that of the order grand total, the residual amount will remain on the voucher and can be redeemed at your next order. 

Voucher Terms & Conditions 

The following applies to all vouchers purchased in store: 

  • A voucher bought at our online store expires on the 31.12 of the third year following the date of purchase ( e.g. Voucher issued on 1.2.2014 expires on 31.12.2017). 
  • A voucher is invalid once the expiry date has been reached.
  • If the voucher value does not cover the cost of an order, the outstanding sum can be settled using a different payment method.
  • If the voucher value exceeds that of the order grand total, the residual amount will remain on the voucher and can be redeemed at your next order. 
  • Several vouchers purchased in store can be applied to a single order and can also be combined with a discount/promotional voucher. 
  • Our General Terms & Conditions apply when redeeming a gift certificate (voucher). 
  • A gift certificate (voucher) can be cancelled only if it has not been redeemed yet. 


Gift certificates (vouchers) cannot be used to purchase other gift certificates (vouchers). 

Liability & Risk of Loss 

We are not liable for an incorrect or incomplete email addresses entered into our system by the customer. This also applies to a gift certificate (voucher) being stolen, lost, misused or delay in the delivery of gift certificates (vouchers), i.e. due to technical difficulties. 


We are entitled to block a gift certificate (voucher) when purchased or redeemed in cases of fraud, attempt at deception or other suspected illegal activities. The affected gift certificates (vouchers) will not be unblocked or refunded. 

Do you require further assistance? Simply send an email to We would be happy to assist. 

The Voucher Code Cannot Be Redeemed. What Can I Do?

If your voucher code is not working, please contact our Customer Service .

Free Gifts with Purchase

Free gifts with purchase items are displayed in the shopping basket automatically as soon as the minimum order amount has been reached. If this is not the case, the promotion is either no longer valid or the minimum order amount has not been reached. These promotions are only valid while stocks last. The free gifts with purchase items will not be displayed once the promotion is no longer valid. 

Therefore, it is advised to place an order as soon as the promotion is activated. 

It is important to note that adding items to your shopping basket at checkout does not automatically ensure that the free gift will be added, because, at this stage, the order has not been successfully placed yet. 

Receiving Free Samples

Samples, if available, can be added to an order by clicking on the "Select free sample" link on the "My Basket" page. This option is only available once one or more products are placed into the cart. Samples are not shipped separately.

The sample page lists the sample selection that we have in stock and may vary depending on their stock levels and the kind of samples that the brands provide us with. You also have the option of selecting a surprise sample. Surprise samples are selected at random by our warehouse staff and added to the order.

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