The Hairbrush ABC

The Hairbrush ABC

Which one do I use?

The choice is endless: large, small, round, flat, plastic, wood and so much more. The right hairbrush can make a significant contribution to healthy hair and a revitalised scalp. Find out how to choose the best brush for your hair.

Why the choice of brush is important

The right choice of brush not only helps to achieve the desired styling results but also has health benefits. The bristles massage the scalp and improve blood circulation. Poor-quality brushes can cause massive damage to the hair structure, as poorly processed bristles look like small saw blades under the microscope and can severely roughen the hair's surface.

100 brush strokes for shiny hair...ever heard of it? This expression comes from the natural oil produced by the skin, sebum, which is distributed from the scalp to the lengths through brushing. This greasy film protects the hair from harmful environmental influences and gives it natural shine. However, we must now clear up a myth, as brushing too often may distribute the protective sebum to the lengths, but it also leads to "greasy" looking hair. Find the right balance for your hair care needs here.

The all-rounder: the all-purpose brush

Every woman probably owns a classic hairbrush. But not all brushes are the same. We recommend investing in higher-quality products. Natural bristles and those made from high-quality plastic have the same surface structure as our hair and are therefore particularly gentle to use.

For smooth hair: the paddle brush

With its flat, large working surface, the paddle brush is ideal for strong, long hair and is particularly suitable for a smooth texture. Use the paddle brush primarily when blow-drying, as the wide surface dries the hair faster and automatically straightens it. For further styling, however, you should opt for a round brush, for example, as this imparts more volume and adds bounce.

For detangling: the Tangle Teezer

Hair detangling experts like the Tangle Teezer use fine silicone bristles to gently detangle the hair without putting too much strain on it. After all, who hasn't experienced it: combing through your hair can be a real pain, especially when it's wet. But say goodbye to unpleasant tugging - the Tangle Teezer makes even the most wind-blown hairstyle manageable.

For styling: the round brush

The round brush is a must-have for a perfectly styled look. Thanks to its round shape, it adds volume to the hair when blow-drying and prepares it ideally for styling with curling irons and straighteners. A small round brush should be used for fine hair and a large round brush is ideal for thick hair and lots of volume.

We recommend brushes equipped with boar bristles. They grip the hair perfectly and add a lot of shine for the final look.

For curls: The skeleton brush

The structure of the so-called skeleton brush is ideal for thick curls. Conventional brushes have very narrow bristles and would make curls look frizzy. However, the skeleton brush glides effortlessly through curly hair and helps to detangle and define the curls.