Origins Natural Resources, Inc

Origins Natural Resources, Inc

Natural & sustainable

Origins is committed to respecting your skin and the planet's resources. This promise is summarised in 4 key points:

Origins harnesses the extraordinary powers of naturally obtained ingredients. A team of scientists and botanists examines each ingredient extensively. It takes more than 2 years to develop a product in order to adapt the formula to meet high-quality standards.

The products are formulated with ingredients of the highest quality that are derived from plants, the earth and the ocean, as well as non-harmful alternatives combined with modern scientific methods. The product range is 100% vegetarian.

Origins believes in the connection between inner balance and beauty - and develops all of the products and services on the principle that they should help to improve the skin, the mind and well-being.

Origins believes that every tree can make a positive contribution to a healthy planet. Together with the Global ReLeaf, the oldest national nonprofit conservation organisation in the United States, and other organisations, Origins has been involved in restoring forests and planting a total of 1,307,847 trees globally.

Best-selling Product Lines:


Awaken tired skin with the invigorating GinZing ™ product collection by Origins, formulated with coffee beans and Panax ginseng to instantly restore glow.


Thanks to the natural anti-aging power harnessed in the Plantscription™ product line, signs of skin aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, are visibly reduced and the skin is optimally cared for.


The Mega-Mushroom skincare series is based on TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), using skin-soothing mushrooms that calm irritated and sensitive skin types, improve the skin's resistance and visibly reduce redness.