From Experts With Love - High-quality Care for Extensions

From Experts With Love - High-quality Care for Extensions

Discover the exclusive hair care range from Great Lengths

High-quality extensions require high-quality care: Great Lengths knows this too. Inspired by knowledge about hair and a love of hair extensions and hair thickening, the exclusive care range From Experts with Love was created. To suit various needs, 4 different product lines provide hair extension wearers with dual-active ingredients and equip them with a protective shield from roots to ends.

Perfect match for every hair type

The particularly mild Structure Repair Shampoo is suitable for dry and brittle hair. Prokeratin provides valuable restorative substances, repairs porous areas and ensures renewed elasticity while provitamin B5 regulates the moisture balance.

The Ultimate Colour Shampoo provides optimum colour protection. It prevents the hair from fading prematurely and retains shine and brilliance. The Kera Protect Complex also improves the structure and prevents further hair breakage. Panthenol supplies moisture and ensures a healthy-looking appearance.

Great Lengths has created the Daily Moisture Shampoo for daily care. It protects against free radicals and provides the hair with valuable moisture and strengthening nutrients thanks to the aloe vera it contains. As a result, it is easier to style whilst providing suppleness, volume and shine.

The Silver Shampoo for bleached and grey hair rounds off the care line. Violet pigments neutralise yellow undertones while the conditioning agents repair and prevent further damage and ensure intense shine.

Keep it strong!

Dry, brittle and structurally damaged hair loves the vegan 60 Sec. Conditioner after cleansing. Thanks to the inclusion of aloe vera and jojoba oil, the product provides valuable moisture and strengthens the hair fibres. At the same time, it effectively protects against free radicals, prevents the hair and scalp from drying out and adds renewed suppleness.

Alternatively, the Leave-In Conditioner from Great Lengths gives all hair types a fantastic shimmer. As the name suggests, the conditioner is not rinsed out. Nevertheless, the hairstyle remains weightless and impresses with an enchanting shine at the same time.

Highly damaged, brittle and dried-out hair is given renewed strength with the High-Performance Mask intensive treatment. The Kera Protect Complex also improves the structure of the hair. The formula with jojoba oil penetrates the hair fibres and scalp, ensures optimum moisture supply and prevents renewed dryness. With regular use, the hair mask is the perfect deep regeneration for long-lasting beautiful, healthy-looking and radiant hair without the use of any animal-based ingredients.

Saving the best for last

For a shiny and well-groomed mane, you need the right finish after cleansing and conditioning the hair. To protect the hair from environmental influences and create a perfect look, the Great Lengths care line includes a hair-finishing product for every hair type.

Protection meets care and volume

Heat protection and care combined in one spray: With a protective film, the Great Lengths Heat & Care Spray protects curly and wavy hair from style-related damage of up to 300 degrees Celsius. Panthenol stops moisture loss in its tracks and enhances elasticity. Free radicals are warded off and the hair is easy to comb and has healthy shine.

For those who want an extra portion of volume, the Great Lengths care range includes a revitalising mousse. The Volume Care Mousse nourishes, revitalises and gives the hair volume and elasticity, even in damp conditions. Special ingredients make the tresses easier to comb.

For natural and vibrant styling with more shine, use the Soft Finish Spray. The hairspray provides stability even in wind and weather, supports the suppleness of the hair and makes combing easier. The style lasts an extremely long time without causing the strands to stick together. More volume can also be achieved through targeted application.

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