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Instant hair thickening action entirely without any side effects

Treat yourself to fuller and thicker hair in seconds with Super Million Hair. Sprinkle the fibres onto the scalp and that's it! Ideal for allergy sufferers and sensitive scalp types.

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Super Million Hair is the quick fix for women and men suffering from thinning hair.
The hair fibres help to conceal sparser areas quickly and easily. It's considered the easiest way to instantly add density and volume to thin or thinning hair.
Super Million Hair consists of fine fibres that are statically charged. As a result, they adhere to the natural hair and make individual hairs appear thicker and are virtually unrecognisable.

Simply apply these fibres to the problem areas and set them with the special spray so they stay in place until the next wash.
Also suitable for allergy sufferers or people with a sensitive scalp.

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