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Hair extensions made from 100% natural hair in Remy quality

Known as a leading company in the field of hair extensions and accessories, Seiseta sets high standards in terms of processing the extensions from 100% natural hair in Remy quality.

Only genuine hair of Indian origin is used, as it is most similar to European hair in regards to its properties and structure. The imported hair undergones to strict quality controls by specialised personnel in order to guarantee absolutely flawless, natural end products.

Seiseta strands are also characterised by the following features:

  • free from silicones
  • intact cuticle
  • handmade
  • Made in Italy

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Find out more about the quality of Remy hair

Seiseta hair extensions are made of 100% Remy hair, which indicates their high quality. The cuticles are fully intact and point in the direction of hair growth. This has the qualitative advantage that the hair retains its natural appearance and resilience without losing suppleness. For hair extensions that not only look good but also feel good. Non-Remy hair, on the other hand, can lead to unwanted tangles and knots.

Seiseta completely forgoes the use of acids and chemicals that can damage and structurally alter hair fibres. Techniques specially developed by Seiseta ensure healthy, shiny and soft hair.

The Remy-quality extensions are handmade and do not contain any substances that can damage the structure of the hair. Furthermore, the hair extensions are free of silicones.

Seiseta uses only the best hair for its hair extensions. There are different types of hair all over the world, which differ in their structure. Unlike European and Asian hair, Indian hair is stronger and has a structure that gives instant volume and fullness.

At Seiseta, only Indian hair is used, which has been collected in Indian temples where men and women sacrifice their most precious possessions, namely their hair. These are then collected and selected with the utmost care. The natural direction of growth is preserved in order to be able to obtain high-quality end products.

The hair is then treated by professionals in Seiseta's laboratories. This creates different shades, waves and lengths while preserving the natural structure of the hair.

Indian hair has a bean-shaped stem structure, which is strong and wavy which in turn gives the hair more body. It also has the property of being silky-soft to the touch.

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Whether you are looking for classic hair colours, ombré shades or bright nuances: the hair extensions by Seiseta are available as Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions in straight or curly textures, as well as Tape-In Hair Extensions.

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In order to get the best out of the hair extensions, it is vital to use the proper hair care products, brushes and combs.

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