We Stand with Ukraine

Nicepeople - Supporting our Neighbours


This Online Shop is Part of the Austria-Based niceshops Group.

We - the niceshops family - are truly shocked by the war in Ukraine and the suffering it is causing. We are an international team. Our 550 employees come from 20 different nations. Some of us have friends and family in Ukraine. Some of us come from Poland and Slovakia, where the war has caused great suffering and the many refugees from Ukraine are in urgent need of care.

In a very short space of time time, we realised it was a high priority of ours to show solidarity and to help. Collecting urgently needed supplies like medicine, food, warm clothing etc. we organised our own transport to make sure that relief comes to the people who need it the most: Both for people in Ukraine and refugees fleeing the war.


For International Women's Day, the comprehensive fundraising campaign for the UNHCR program “Women on the Run”, which had been planned before the start of the war, was immediately extended.

Furthermore, we continuously organise and finance lorry-loads of relief supplies to be brought to the Ukrainian border in Slovakia, from where the supplies are taken over and transported into Ukraine.

Together with the local initiative Save Ukraine Graz and various NGOs, we organise and bundle the donations, filling our lorries and sending them out as quickly as possible. By doing so, we hope to relieve the private volunteers who have been driving back and forth to the borders with their own vehicles.

Relief Action Continues

Over the next few weeks, we'll continue collecting and transporting donations, making sure they arrive where they are most needed. The ongoing war has left us distressed, saddened and utterly shocked, but not powerless to act. We are incredibly touched by how willing folks have been to help, and are grateful to be so fortunate ourselves that we can lend a hand. niceshops greatly values social responsibility, placing great emphasis on social outreach. We hope that the violence and human suffering will soon come to an end.