Chroma Absolu by Kérastase

Care & protection for damaged & colour-treated hair types

Chroma Absolu by Kérastase is a comprehensive skincare range for damaged, colour-treated hair types that optimally adapts to the desired colour results. This product line draws inspiration from skincare by intensive regenerating and maintaining a healthy-looking appearance. Furthermore, the product line ensures long-lasting colour effect.

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Kérastase Chroma Absolu protects and cares for particularly stressed, colour-treated hair. The high-quality active ingredients are finely tuned to reveal healthy, great-looking hair. They also provide long-lasting colour brilliance.
The following ingredients support these factors:

  • Lactic acid provides teh hair with optimal moisture
  • Amino acids help to maintain a healthy hair structure
  • Tartaric acid supports the hair colour
  • Centella Asiatica, also known as Indian pennyroyal or tiger grass, is the main active ingredient that has many positive effects in cosmetics. In particular, it cares for and regenerates hair that has been damaged as a result of colour treatments

The range at a glance:

The Chroma Absolu range consists of 2 shampoos, a mask, a fondant and a thermique. There is also a mask that specifically reduces copper and red undertones found in dark-coloured hair and pampers the hair with high-gloss care.

The shampoos:
Chroma Absolu Bain Chroma Respect
is a moisturising shampoo that gently cleanses and repairs fine to medium hair types to enhance bounce and shine.

Chroma Absolu Bain Riche Chroma Respect nourishes and protects medium to thick hair. In addition to an intensive cleansing effect, the shampoo repairs the hair surface for perfect colour preservation and immediate suppleness.

The fondant:
Chroma Absolu Fondant Cica Chroma
is a feel-good care product for use after cleansing the hair. The fondant revitalises fine to medium-thick hair for instant suppleness. In addition, it not only gives the hair immediate moisture and care but also protects it against hair breakage.

The masks:
Chroma Absolu Masque Chroma Filler
is a rich care mask for medium to thick, dark-coloured hair. It provides intensive moisture for a shiny and supple hair feel and perfect colour retention.

The Masque Vert Chroma Neutralisant is a special mask that removes unwanted copper and red reflections in dark, brunette-coloured hair. It gives the hair a cool tone full of luminosity. The hair becomes supple and shiny and is protected from frizz for better hair manageability.

The gloss:
Chroma Absolu Soin Acide Chroma Gloss
is a high-gloss product that serves as a shine booster for darker-coloured, damaged or sensitised hair when used once a week. It eliminates mattifying minerals and prevents them from re-depositing. The treatment also works against frizz and flyaways. The hair fibre is restored for an incredibly shiny and smooth appearance.

Heat protection:
Chroma Absolu Serum Chroma Thermique
efficiently protects colour-treated, damaged or sensitised hair against heat damage, external influences and frizz.

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