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Pain-free bleaching products for at-home use. SmilePen was developed in cooperation with dentists and is clinically tested.

Improve your dental hygiene routine with these at-home bleaching products that reduce the appearance of discolouration and whiten the teeth by up to 70%.

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Teeth naturally acquire a brown-orange hue and become darker with age. The reason for this is metabolic waste products that are deposited on the teeth. Furthermore, pigments from certain stimulants, such as coffee, tobacco, red wine or tea, penetrate the tooth enamel and are deposited on the surface of the teeth. Even antibiotics can lead to discolouration. In some cases, the discolouration can be traced back to genetics.

Non-vital ("dead, not intact) teeth become discoloured due to the breakdown products of the blood from the dental pulp that penetrate the small canals of the hard tooth tissue (enamel, dentin and root cement). Materials used to fill the root canals can also stain the tooth crown that is visible.

What happens during the bleaching process?

During the bleaching process, active oxygen is released and a bleaching agent is applied to the surface of the teeth. As a rule, active ingredients, such as PAP, phytates and low molecular weight hypochlorites, penetrate the enamel and dentine. Free radicals oxidise discoloured molecules and transform them into colourless molecules which leads to the desired whitening effect.

Is bleaching dangerous?

Active ingredients, such as peroxide, hypochlorite, sodium bicarbonate, etc., have always been used for bleaching processes and are still used today. They have been tried and tested over a long period of time and are scientifically well documented.

If teeth whitening is carried out on healthy teeth, the only side effect that can occur is that the teeth are temporarily sensitive to temperatures. However, this is rather unusual with the new whitening gels by SmilePen, as they do not contain any hydrogen peroxide. The sensitivity should subside after 2 - 3 days.

How long does the effect last?

The effect does not last forever but can be visible for 1 - 4 years on average, which is remarkably good.

Naturally, this depends on various factors concerning whether, or how rapidly, the teeth darken again: the bleaching system used, the person's lifestyle and dental hygiene routine. When consuming coffee, tea or the like, the teeth may darken more rapidly.

However, this is not a problem with SmilePen since this treatment can be repeated at any time.

SmilePen wavelight bleaching LED technology - for fast results

SmilePen works with the so-called wavelight LED bleaching technology, which uses electromagnetic waves in the visible wavelength range of 460 - 630 nm and an intensity of 1100 millicandela. The resulting heat supports and accelerates the effects of the active ingredients contained in the SmilePen whitening gels. The effect achieves the maximum degree of whitening in a short period of time.

Numerous customers have reported achieving optimum bleaching results in a fraction of the time thanks to the amplifying effect of the SmilePen wavelight LED lights.

The Journal of Conservative Dentistry, as well as other studies, have already shown an accelerating effect of light in connection with teeth whitening.

SmilePen Active Ingredients


The active ingredient PAP breaks down the pigments present in tooth enamel and, thanks to the effect of active oxygen, is able to convert them into colourless molecules, i.e. gives the teeth a brighter and whiter appearance without damaging the tooth enamel.


This is the hardest tissue in the body, the tooth enamel. It consists of 95% NHAP Nano-Hydroxylapatite. As a result, the teeth are equipped to handle chewing food and the chewing movements without becoming damaged.


Hyaluronic acid stimulates the formation of new collagen, the elementary building block of the gums and the periodontium. It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.


This substance naturally whitens the teeth.


This ingredient is responsible for the cleansing effect during the bleaching process.


Xylitol coats the teeth and protects them against the effects of acid. This botanical ingredient has a sweet flavour which ensures a pleasant experience during the bleaching process.


The two all-rounders help to create a good mouthfeel and fresh breath.


Both oils have an extraordinary antioxidant effect and protect the teeth against free radicals.

SmilePen Benefits

  • SmilePen is a clinically tested teeth whitening system
  • SmilePen achieves up to 70% whiter-looking teeth and a 60% reduction in plaque
  • SmilePen is approved by Dermatest - rating: "very good"
  • SmilePen was developed by experts in cooperation with dentists

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The Whitening Accelerator mouthpiece with wavelight LED bleaching technology increases the whitening effect of the SmilePen Whitening Gels for even faster and whiter results.

The Whitening Accelerator is available as a practical cordless version or powered by smartphone electricity.

The Whitening Strips or Whitening Gel Pens also provide the desired whitening effect quickly and easily.

Simply integrate the bleaching process into your daily dental care to save time: the White Edition Whitening Powder or the Black Edition Whitening Powder with activated charcoal quickly and easily whitens the teeth as you brush.

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