Natural & Certified Hair Care by Lu&me

Professional hair care sourced from nature

Lu&me is an emerging brand made in Austria that aims to make our world a more beautiful, healthier place. The guiding principle "From nature - for nature" aims to prove that professional hair care and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, but complement each other perfectly.

Exclusively natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, shea butter or argan oil, as well as also caffeine, acacia tree sap or almond proteins are compiled into high-quality product formulas and do a great job to ensure all-round beautiful, healthy-looking hair.

Lu&me utilise purely natural active ingredients that are well-tolerated by the skin. The vegan product range is not tested on animals and foregoes the use of microplastics, silicones and parabens.

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What does Lu&me stand for?

  • LU is the abbreviation of Louanne and represents a girl living in Vienna who wishes to be able to live on an intact, healthy planet.
  • ME stands for you, the consumer, who is given the possibility of incorporating a conscious approach to your daily routine in terms of saving on valuable resources.

The Austrian-made brand attaches great importance to conveying a lasting good feeling - for you and for our planet.

When it comes to sustainability, Lu&me focuses on the following matters

  • Sustainability in production & transportation: local resources, knowledge and experience contribute to being able to offer natural hair care at the highest scientific level. In addition to the Tyrolean mountain spring water, it is the exclusively tested and certified, partly organic ingredients that make the products so unique. The entire Lu&me range is also manufactured in a climate-neutral manner, i.e. care is taken to ensure a CO2-neutral approach throughout the production chain and during transportation.
  • Added value in our own country: developed exclusively in Austria and produced in beautiful Tyrol in a sustainable and resource-saving manner, Lu&me delivers "Natural Austrian Beauty" at a high-quality level.
  • Gentle on the skin and the environment: the purely natural ingredients utilised are well-tolerated by the skin, not tested on animals, vegan, and free of microplastics and silicone.
  • Social & environmental support: Lu&me also takes social and environmental responsibility by supporting initiatives with children and young people that contribute to raising awareness towards nature and the environment.

What distinguishes Lu&me's range of natural cosmetics?

All of the products are free from parabens and silicones.

The formulas are biodegradable and contain no microplastics.

The environment is protected thanks to the extensive use of raw, organic-quality materials.

Seal of approval for the highest quality standards

All Lu&me products are NatCert certified. This means that they are developed according to strict, internationally recognised natural cosmetics standards and meet the highest quality standards in plant-based cosmetics. The two most important standards in this area are set by NATRUE and COSMOS, two internationally recognised associations with a high level of awareness, that advocate the well-being of consumers of natural and organic cosmetics.

Interesting facts:

  • Lu&me formulas are highly concentrated and therefore rich in consistency.
  • All the ingredients used are sourced from Austria, Germany and South Tyrol.
  • When switching from conventional hair care to natural cosmetics, give your hair some time to get accustomed to natural formulas. This can take around 20 days or 4 - 6 shampoos.
  • All Lu&me products are pH-neutral.
  • The essential oil mixtures are highly balanced which minimises the risk of allergic reactions.
  • The brand only uses the purest mountain water from the Tyrolean Alps, which does not have to be treated or processed.
  • All of the surfactants used are purely plant-based.