L' Oréal Professional Série Expert Volumetry Inflator

Spray with mineral powder for extra volume

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Extra volume
  • Mineral powder
  • grip

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VOLUMETRY - The optimal care program for more volume and moisturizing combines four effective formulations for fine hair: The VOLUME INFLATOR is the new wonder weapon for fine hair! The intensive concentration of mineral powder gives the hair immediate and long-lasting neck and 3D volume Flat, thin-looking hair gains significantly more grip and appears voluminous from the roots to the tips, but still natural and flexible.A triple diffuser on the spray head ensures the finest atomization, professional distribution and gives the hair natural-looking volume and texture - without Shake VOLUME INFLATOR well before and between uses. Spray on dry hair and apply in even sections to all hair areas where volume and hold are desired. Brush out the excess powder to get a 100% natural result. < / p>

Hair Type: Thin/Fine Hair
Brands : L' Oréal Professional
Styling Filter: Volume