Innovative Hair Accessories by Bellody

Styling & modern accessories for your hair

The stylish Bellody® Original Hair Ties and Organic Silk Scrunchies adapt to your individual hair type to offer excellent hold without added pressure. The hair ties are available in a host of trendy colours and transform into fashionable bracelets when worn on the wrist.

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  • Bellody Original Hair Ties
    • 4-piece set
    • Doubles as a wrist accessory
    • Adapts to the individual hair type
  • Bellody Original Silk Scrunchies
    • Strong hold
    • Does not cause any pressure on the scalp
    • Made from high-quality silk
  • Bellody Mini Hair Ties
    • Set of 20
    • Suitable for all hair types
    • With a ribbed structure
  • Bellody Original Scrunchies
    • Ideal for all hair types
    • Strong hold
    • Soft velour fabric
  • Bellody Kids Edition
    • For all hair types
    • 4-piece set
    • No kinks or tight sensation

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Bellody® Original Hair Ties - Design meets Function

Conventional hair ties often have the property that they either solve one problem but create another. Some hair ties offer strong hold, but they literally squash the hair. This can lead to kinks and dents, and may even cause headaches. Other hair ties might be gentle on the hair but are unable to hold the hair in place. Bellody® original hair ties are both gentle on the hair and deliver optimum hold - the reinterpretation of a classic hair tie with a modern and stylish touch.

Elasticity and Hold

Bellody® hair ties are elastic and return to their original state after use. The hair ties offer secure hold without putting pressure on the hair.
Even after months of use, they do not wear out. This allows them to provide strong hold for daily styling while remaining gentle on the hair. Thus, Bellody® hair ties prevent hair breakage, kinks and headaches.

For your individual hair type
All hair types are unique. Bellody® hair ties have a braided, ribbed texture that offers hold and flexibility at the same time. This means that the hair ties can be adjusted to your unique styling needs. The hair ties are designed without metal fastenings and are very flexible. This prevents tangles, damage and snagging.

Timeless colours
Bellody® original hair ties have a wide colour palette that adds a modern touch to any style. From pastel tones to classic black and grey that are ideal for everyday or urban looks. Light blues and pinks add just the right nuance for a summery outfit while eccentric greens and yellows are must-have accessories for festivals and parties.

A flexible braided structure that prevents tangling and snagging; modern and stylish wrist accessory; and secure hold without applying pressure to the scalp: get the original Bellody® hair ties at labelhair.